Pippins Rank 37th Nationally in Summer Attendance

YAKIMA, Wash. — The Yakima Valley Pippins ranked 37th nationally in per-game attendance average, according to Baseball Digest.

This summer, the Pippins averaged 1,355 fans during their 27 West Coast League games at Yakima County Stadium, a 5 percent increase in league-game attendance compared with the 2017 season. Total attendance for all 32 home games, including five nonleague games, was 42,247.

The Pippins have ranked in Baseball Digest’s Top 50 each of their first five years. In 2017, the Pippins were tied for 40th on the list with the Walla Walla Sweets; in 2016, the Pippins ranked 38th.

“We’re in a great sports town, a great baseball town, and our fans enjoy summer nights at the ballpark watching collegiate players who are working hard to get to the next level,” general manager Jeff Garretson said.

Victoria, Portland, Bellingham, Port Angeles, Corvallis and Walla Walla join Yakima in the Top 50 listings this year.

By Jeff Garretson

August 15, 2018